Grain Expectations: Whisky Business Done Right

Imagine the vast, rolling prairies of Canada, where farmers have long turned the land’s bounty into prosperity. Years ago, they discovered that transforming their grains into whisky yielded richer rewards than selling them raw. At Diony Distillery, we honor this tradition, envisioning a future where Canada not only exports its premium grains but also its exceptional whisky.

Our journey starts with a simple formula:  Quality Grain + Premium Barrels + >46 ABV = Top Shelf Canadian Whisky

From the fertile prairies, once rich with wild oat, rye, barley, and wheat grasses, we craft a whisky that embodies the essence of our land. Our unique mash bill combines 65% Rye and the remainder Barley & Oats.

In central Alberta, we toured grain farms, tasted grains, and learned from Calgary’s Grain Academy. Inspired by Canadian whisky experts like Davin de Kergommeaux and Blair Phillips, we perfected our mash by 2018.

Malted Barley

Our barleys comes from the Hamill Farm/Red Shed Malting in Penhold, a fourth-generation farm. The Hamills have been very supportive since we have first met. They supply us with roasted malt barley and, from Hammer Malt, peated barley, adding unique flavors to our whisky.

Malted Rye & Oats

In Alberta, the rye is mostly fall-planted, enduring the harsh winters like true Canadians. Rye’s resilience in dry, arid land and its minimal need for care and pesticides make it a promising crop for the future. Historically, oats were essential for early settlers’ horses (1st crop to seed) and remain a breakfast staple today.

Canada Malting Co. Limited, our main supplier for malted rye and oats, has been invested in the industry since 1832. They work closely with Canadian grain farmers like those at Morris and Antler Valley Farms (where we get some of our rye and oats), ensuring we have the finest ingredients for our whisky.

Canada: Top Grain & Top Whisky

Just as Canada exports durum wheat for pasta in Rome and barley for whisky in Japan, the US, and Scotland, Diony Distillery distills and ages the finest grains at home. Our whisky celebrates Canadian ingenuity and the land we cherish. While we ship raw resources worldwide, we’re committed to sharing the exceptional spirits crafted from these grains.

So, raise your glass and say yes to Canadian whisky. Say yes to our heritage and innovation. Say yes to the quality that flows from our prairies, one sip at a time.

Antler Valley Farm in Red Deer County Alberta
Grain elevator models at the Grain Academy in Calgary
Hamill Farm/Redshed Malting, a fourth-generation farm located in Penhold, Alberta.
Vintage drawing of Canada Malting Co.

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