From Stone Mills to Diony: Our Whisky Brand Journey

Embarking on the journey of creating Canadian whisky is no small feat, especially when it takes at least three years just to see the fruits of your labour. Naming our whisky and designing a logo took a backseat as we immersed ourselves in mastering the art and craft of whisky making.

Our first idea was “Stonemill Distillery.” Inspired by an actual stone mill we considered importing from Austria—after a chat with the manufacturer, Mr. Green—we even toyed with the whimsical notion of selling flour on the side. Practical? Maybe not. Memorable? Absolutely.

Next up was “Postal.” With my fascination for stamps, I envisioned a postal theme for our whisky and even a stamp/whisky collection line. But then we hit a snag—the phrase “going postal” carries rather notorious connotations linked to historical workplace violence in the U.S. postal service. Not exactly the vibe we wanted for our whisky.

Our true inspiration struck during a road trip through the heartland of the prairies to the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. My wife and I stumbled upon a charming bar in Canmore, Alberta, aptly named “Where the Buffalo Roam.” Amidst the rustic ambiance and a couple of cocktails, our brainstorming session began. As an admirer of mythology, I thought of Dionysus, the god of wine, whose tales of adventure and creativity resonated with our mission. Eureka, a story was found: Dionysus would have come to the prairies seeking the best grapes, but upon trekking through the fields, he found no grapes but the finest grain and decided to make the finest whisky. But “Dionysus” was quite a mouthful.

And then it hit us—why not give Dionysus a short and sweet makeover? Hence, “Diony” was born. It perfectly encapsulated our journey, the prairies we adore, and the mythic spirit we wished to capture. Each bottle of Diony tells our story, from the heartland of the Canadian prairies to the Canadian Rockies.

Diony + Grain from the Prairies = Quality Canadian Whisky

Securing the name through a NUANS search was just the beginning. The real challenge was designing a logo that embodied our vision. With my love for art, I started with simple sketches, collaborating with various artists and bouncing ideas off family and friends. After six months of doodles, drafts, and countless revisions, our logo began to take shape.

Creating our brand was a labour of love, a testament to patience, creativity, and collaboration. Just like our fine whisky, nothing in our process was rushed. Today, Diony stands as a symbol of our adventure, the magic of the prairies, and the timeless spirit of Dionysus.

As to how to pronounce it, there is no real wrong way, however, it rhymes with: the only whisky, Diony whisky.


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