Savouring Whisky in the spirit of Celebrating Alberta Art

In 2018, we perfected our mash bill for whisky. By 2019, our spirits found their homes in barrels, some of which were artistically branded with history on their heads. Fast forward to 2022, we expanded and acquired the space beside us to create an aging/tasting room. Yet, something was missing…

At our distillery, we believe in crafting a unique pairing of whiskies that bring art to life. This sparked the idea of dressing up our tasting room with art. We also see it as an opportunity to foster a vibrant local art community and provide a dynamic venue for artists to showcase their work.

Our gallery currently features the stunning work of Brett Heidi, a renowned contemporary painter from Olds, Alberta. Brett’s art, alive with the spirit of North American wildlife and western themes, characterised by rich, vibrant colours and captivating textures. Her pieces bring warmth and life to our tasting room, creating an inspiring atmosphere that perfectly complements our whisky.

Just as each bottle of Diony whisky is carefully crafted, so carefully too is each piece of art by Brett. The parallels between our processes are profound. Both our whisky-making and Brett’s art share a deep respect for detail, a relentless passion for perfection, and a harmony and balance that create a rich sensory experience. Brett’s warm, calculated brush strokes mirror the complex flavours of our whiskies, making our tasting room a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Brett Heidi’s remarkable work is currently featured at the Calgary Stampede BMO Center Hall D, extending her artistic reach even further.

Calgary Stampede 2024 Brett Heidi Featured Artist Interview

Brett Heidi Studio  

Diony Gallery


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