The Founder's Cask Program

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The Founder's Cask Program

Diony, mainly a whisky distillery, is inviting you to join our boutique style whisky distilling business. Investors will have an opportunity to make their cask of premium whisky while investing in the Distillery. It is an unusual chance to enter the exceptionally growing market of whisky.

Investors who participate in the Founder’s Cask Program have an option to invest in a half cask for CAD $3250 or a full cask for CAD$6500. The investment is a four-year promissory note, accruing a fixed rate of 4% interest per annum on the principal. All interests are accrued and payable upon maturity. At maturity, we will also provide investors a special discount to buy off some bottles from their own cask.

There will be a limited amount of casks in the Founder’s Cask Program. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the Founder’s Cask Program.