The Process

The Process


100% Malted Canadian Grain

Milling & Grinding



Cooked to 72°C


Pitch Yeast & Enzyme

Chilled to under 18°C



Low Temperature Fermentation for 7-10 days to retain more aroma from the grain



The Spirit comes out at about 88% Vol./Alc.



Aged for at least 3 years



By Diony Distillery


We strive to live in harmony with nature. We are passionate about connecting with our community and are driven to consider the wellbeing of our planet. We recognise that each step of the production process has an impact on our environment. We take our responsibility seriously, emphasising environmental stewardship from ingredient selection to distillation, transportation, packaging, energy consumption, and water conservation.

We may not be able to fulfil all of our sustainability pledges initially but it will be our focus as we advance.

Steps we Take

  • Local Sourcing: We proudly prioritize local communities in Alberta for our grain sourcing. All our malted barley come from Red Shed Malting, situated within a 15km radius of where high-quality Alberta grains are grown and malted.
  • Plastic-Free Packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, which is entirely plastic-free.
  • Water Conservation: We prioritize water conservation by recovering condensate return during mash and cleaning processes, resulting in significant energy and water savings. We continuously explore water conservation opportunities throughout our operations.
  • Waste Reduction: We efficiently repurpose spent grains for agricultural purposes such as compost, fertilizer, or animal feed. Currently, we collaborate with Iron Kreek Ranch, contributing our spent grain to feed their livestock. Additionally, we prioritize purchasing grains in reusable tote bags whenever possible.
  • Energy Conservation: Our energy conservation efforts include conducting distillation and mashing processes simultaneously to minimize energy consumption. Future upgrades will further capitalize on energy-saving measures to optimize our processes and reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Carbon Offset: We are dedicated to giving back to the environment by donating a portion of our profits to offset the carbon footprint of our operations.