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Due to interprovincial trade restrictions, we are unable to ship whisky to Quebec, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland.


46.8% alc./vol.

Mashbill: Malted rye (67%), malted barley and oat

Age: 43 months

Cask: Recharred #2 French oak barrel, Recharred #3 French oak barrel, finished in a heavily smoked rum barrel

Campfire, our exceptional whisky, caters to enthusiasts who appreciate the smokiness reminiscent of Scotch whisky. 

With global recognition, including top honors in the International Whisky Competition where it was awarded Best Canadian Whisky in 2023 with an impressive score of 89.3 points, Campfire has cemented its status as a standout among whisky enthusiasts.

Experience the charm of Campfire as it evokes the cozy ambiance of a crackling fire under the starlit sky.

* Gold in SIP Award 2023 & Gold in International Whisky Competition (Best Canadian Whisky, 89.3points)

Nose: Dried prunes, liquid caramel, sweet malted grains

Palate: Caramelized apple, fire-roasted almonds with a touch of nutmeg

Finish: Early morning campfire smoke with subtle sweet birch syrup

Grilled meats: The smokiness of the whisky complements the smoky flavors of grilled meats like steak, lamb or pork.

Bold cheeses: Try the whisky with aged cheddar, blue cheese or Gouda.

Barbecue: The smoky undertones of the whisky make it a great companion to barbecue ribs, brisket, or pulled pork.

Spicy dishes: The whisky’s bold flavors pair well with spicy dishes like blackened chicken or Cajun shrimp.

Smoked salmon: The smoky malted rye notes in the whisky match the smoky taste of smoked salmon.

Roasted vegetables: The whisky’s smokiness pairs well with roasted vegetables like mushrooms, onions, and sweet potatoes.