Port Cask Finish


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Due to interprovincial trade restrictions, we are unable to ship whisky to Quebec, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland.


50% alc./vol.

Mashbill: Malted rye (67%), malted barley and oat

Age: 43 months

Cask: Recharred #2 French oak barrel, Recharred #3 French oak barrel, finished in  Port barrel

Our Port Cask Finish, a whisky crafted with care, is aged in re-charred French oak barrels and finished in authentic port casks from Portugal. These barrels infuse the whisky with a sweet and rich flavor, drawing from the residual sugars left by the port wine.

It offers a truly remarkable taste experience. The sweet notes from the port casks beautifully complement our whisky, creating a complex and enticing flavor profile. Additionally, the aging process in port wine barrels lends a subtle red tint to the whisky, adding to its visual appeal.

Savor the exceptional marriage of whisky and port wine cask with our Port Cask Finish, a creation that promises to delight the senses and elevate your tasting experience. With a smoothness that belies its strength, at 50% alc./vol., it’s a bold yet remarkably smooth whisky that’s sure to impress.


* Silver Medal in International Whisky Competition, Best Canadian Whisky 86.5 points, Silver in Canadian Whisky Awards 2024


Nose: Sugar cane, creme brulé and a trace of sweet vanilla. Near the end of the nose, candied orange peel offers a citrusy element.

Palate: The whisky is faintly sweet, spicy but smooth. A silky but weighty palate of raisin bread accompanied by roasted hazelnuts.

Finish: The finish has a dry red wine essence with a subtle presence of lingering ground pink peppercorns.

Dark chocolate: The rich and bitter flavour of dark chocolate complements the sweetness of the port finish.

Cheese: Aged cheddar, blue cheese, or Stilton are all excellent options that complement the flavours of the whisky.

Red meat: Grilled steak or venison pairs well with this type of whisky’s bold and smoky flavors.

Berries: Fresh strawberries or raspberries make for a delicious pairing that brings out the fruity notes in the port-finished whisky.

Nuts: Almonds or hazelnuts work well with the nutty notes in the whisky and provide a satisfying crunch.