Roasted Malt

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Due to interprovincial trade restrictions, we are unable to ship whisky to Quebec, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland.

Mashbill: Malted rye (67%), roasted malted barley and oat

Age: 38 months

Cask: Recharred #3 French oak

Nose:  Smells of toasted nut and roasted grains, with rich and warm notes.

Palate:  Velvety texture, earthly and slightly bitter tones of a well-brewed coffee, with an added layer of chocolate sweetness.

Finish: Roasted grains aftertaste, a harmonious finish of coffee and chocolate latte. 

70%(or higher) Dark Chocolate: The whisky notes will beautifully complement a piece of high-quality chocolate. It goes particularly well with Himalayan pink salt dark chocolate. 

Coffee-Infused Desserts: Such as tiramisu, coffee-flavoured ice cream, or mocha cake. These treats will harmonise with the whisky’s coffee notes.

Nutty Cheese: Pair the whisky with nutty cheeses like aged Gouda, Manchego or a nut-encrusted goat cheese.

Roasted Nuts: Serve with a bowl of mixed roasted nuts. The nuttiness will resonate with the whisky’s flavour profile.

Espresso-Infused Dishes: Dishes that feature espresso as an ingredient, like espresso-rubbed beef or espresso-glazed salmon, can complement the whisky’s coffee tone.